resolution services

resolution services oversees the student complaint process and provides a mechanism by which students can have an independent, objective review of their situation.

students are encouraged to work directly with the relevant university department to resolve their issue, but should they need additional assistance they may contact the student grievances team.

in order to facilitate a prompt resolution, please provide the following information via email:

  1. your first and last name and student individual record number (irn- #######)
  2. preferred contact information and method of contact
  3. a brief explanation of the issue you are having
  4. the steps you have taken to resolve the issue with the relevant university department
  5. your desired outcome
  6. any additional information you believe would be helpful in resolving the issue

we are always willing to review comments or concerns from students and work diligently to review and address all areas identified. while we prefer that you submit a statement in writing, you may also contact our office by phone or filling out the form below.

contact us

resolution services – student grievances & Appeals
4025 s. riverpoint parkway
phoenix, az 85040
phone: 602.557.5566


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identity theft

if you believe someone has fraudulently used your identity to create a student account at the university of phoenix, you can file an identity theft dispute.